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Realistic Expectations? August 24, 2009

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 What are realistic expectations for the ’09 Dallas cowboys? When you think about it that could be a very loaded question. Think about what realistic expectations are for any team. There are 32 teams going into the ’09 season… how many of those have Superbowl expectations? Well you would have to say about a handful realistically have expectations to win a superbowl. But wait… can you really ever expect to win a superbowl? Better yet… maybe a handful of teams can realistically expect to GET to the superbowl. Thats better. How many teams can realistically expect to get to the playoffs… win playoff games… go to the Conference Championship game. Every team has got some sort of realistic expectation for their success in the ’09 season… except for maybe the Lions… but even they have a new QB and once again new hope.

 So the real question is what is your expectations for the ’09 cowboys? The problem is expectations can be a funny thing. The reason we have realistic expectations for anything is because there is something we have seen or experienced in that past that has given us reason to expect the same or greater in the future. The dictionary says it literally means “a basis for expecting, or assurance”. Its kind of like my Corn Pops in the morning… I can realistically expect those Corn Pops to have that same good taste every morning because of the long line of satisfied morning breakfast endeavors ending with a smile on my face and a milk mustache to go along with it. On the other hand when I line up to the #1 tee box and look down a dauntingly narrow fairway I have zero expectations that I am going to hit that fairway because past experience tells me I can’t hit worth a darn and I am more likely to be taking my second shot about 2 fairways over from one I’m trying to hit. 

 My point is If your expectations this season for the Dallas Cowboys is superbowl or bust, please enlighten me on what you have experienced in recent Cowboys history that would give you any reason to realistically expect that? All we ever hear about from commentators, newspapers, web news and every ex-jock in a suit, is the playoff wins that have eluded the Cowboys for 9 years… and while that does grow tiresome, it is true. What do we really have that we can stick our fork in, take a bite out of and say…” this is why I expect great things!” I think we should be very careful about our expectations for this team. Yes I think they are going to be good. There is too much talent and too much money invested into this team for them to do nothing this year. But at the same token talent and money has not helped the Yankees in recent history either. I love the type of players the Cowboys have assembled, I love the drama-less training camp, I love the workman like attitude and the new grumpier Wade Phillips… but are those reasons to suddenly now expect a superbowl, or an NFC Championship… or even a playoff win? The Problem is you just never know in the NFL. Last year 6 weeks in Romo goes down and those games he was out would effectively decide whether they made or missed the playoffs. If he plays those games I have a hard time believing they lose to the Rams. I have a hard time believing he doesn’t engineer a game winning drive against the Cardinals.

 It is expectations that cause such a let down at the end of season. The only reason why we were so disappointed  last year was because the Cowboys came off of a 13-3 season with home-field advantage throughout… to a 9-7 season with no playoffs. See expectations is a killer… maybe it is expectations that can effect a team more than locker room chemistry, more than X’s and O’s, more than game planning. Maybe it is expectations that lead to certain players starting because of their draft status and not how they play on the field… its probably expectations that lead to over-hype and inflated ego’s… and all that ever comes from it is… “Well, they never really lived up to the expectations”.

 The good news is this year the expectations ARE realistic! The cowboys were 9-7 last year and they have cut some dead weight. They have toughened up a little this training camp and they have come into this season hungry. They ate humble pie a year ago and are suddenly now ready to prove all of the critics wrong. Every popular divisional pick this year is the Eagles and Giants with a big question mark over the Cowboys! So what do you think? Maybe it is best to keep our expectations low so that we could be pleasantly surprised or state that we knew it all along. Maybe it is best that we not put to much pressure on these guys or ourselves… I don’t know if your wife could handle another mental breakdown after last year. I’m sure a few of you were acutely aware of your suppressed Bi-Polar tendencies rearing its ugly head after the ups and downs of last year.

 But I don’t know… they look really good this year. They have the same pro-bowl filled roster minus 1 headache. They have good coaching and a new stadium. There could be some good things that happen this year… playoff wins, championship game, maybe even a superbowl… at least thats what I expect.

Jon Gosselin Makes me Sick! August 15, 2009

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   Is there anyone else as sick of hearing about Jon Gosselin’s escapades as I am? This entire running drama between Kate and Jon has gone from shocking to interesting to now just saddening. Now we are beginning to get the daily updates about their arguments and love interests, every little newsworthy riff between them is going to find its way to the headlines. I think what is more saddening about this whole thing is our fascination with this stuff. We love this stuff… our society just eats it up… there is something inside of us that loves to read about other people’s misfortune. We are even more crazy about it if it involves a celebrity or high profile name. What is it about us? Maybe it’s just our sadistic nature… maybe it makes us feel better about our own lives and imperfections knowing that the made for T.V. lifestyles are just that… made for T.V, and outside of that they are human beings that have the same problems we have! I think deep down inside we are just gossip mongers! This is why the tabloids are able to sell papers… this is why soap opera’s aren’t effected by the down economy… this is why you found out the latest juicy event surrounding your latest neighborhood drama within the hour of it happening.

   So I get it… I understand why we are so interested in this story, but it still does not take away the sick feeling I get in the pit of my stomach every time I catch wind of another Gosselin headline. Their tragic story is just another typical commentary ‘flowing from the land of glitz and money’. I dont even know why I am surprised by it anymore… it is becoming stereotypical… even predictable. Why did these people have to involve the entire Nation into their family? Why would you want to showcase your life on the bigscreen so everybody can see… why invite the camera’s and production crews… the directors and agents into the privacy of your home. I will tell you why… MONEY. They get a fat paycheck for it! It is amazing the lengths we will go to, and the things we will put our family through to pad the bank account. Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time… but was it worth it? Do you see what seems so obvious to me? It is hard enough to keep a good family and marriage these days with all the outside influences of media etc. Imagine adding on top of the normal stresses of marriage 200 million observers. this is why it is rare to find a hollywood marriage that amounts to anything for any amount of time… there is so much pressure in the public eye!

  Now what really makes me sick and the entire reason for ranting about this is my disgust for Jon Gosselin! What a creep! What a typical, selfish, ego driven jerk… that thinks his family is worth a fling with a barely legal pair of legs! Is he so self deceived that he thinks he is going to somehow have a meaningful relationship this 20 year old ‘aspiring actress’ Stephanie Santoro? Is he going to go and have sextuplets with her too? Of course not! She wants to be an actress I wonder why she is attracted to him. He is letting lust destroy every thing he has built in that family. But you know what, he is just another in a long list that we just don’t stop hearing about! John Edwards comes to mind, Rick Petino… we could go on and on but it would take way too long. I mean just look at the guy… would you trust your kids with him? Definitely not your teenage daughter! But what can you say? You can only look from a distance and shake your head, I mean its not like you couldn’t see it coming right? Hollywood is all about pretending… they pretended they had a good marriage and family.

  But hey this isn’t abnormal is it? This happens everyday… people are always getting divorced and this is just another example right? The only difference… theirs was in front of a nationally televised audience! Hows that fame looking now?

Vick to the Eagles… Did they learn their T.O lesson? August 14, 2009

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 So you probably heard the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a 2 year agreement. Now I am all for redemption! I believe we all deserve a second chance in life… I believe we deserve 3rd, 4th and 5th chances even… were not perfect. We’re all flawed, we all make mistakes and at some point we are all going to need a little bit of redemption! He who has no sin let him cast the first stone right? Trust me I am all for Vick getting a chance to prove himself yet again in the NFL. You wont catch me picking up any stones or pointing fingers, lets let the past be just that, the past!

… However… What are the Eagles thinking? Did they not learn a single thing from the T.O debacle? You know what I took out of the T.O. fiasco in Philly… I saw a quarterback who had a lot of pride that was not going to get upstaged by anyone. I saw an organization and a coach that regretted the national attention and media buzz that T.O brought along with him. I saw how the distractions wiped out an entire season for Philly right after going to a Superbowl. Did we not see some of this last year during the 08′ season. McNabb was not playing his best in fact had some downright awful games and the cries for the backup became increasingly louder until they did the unimaginable and benched their franchise QB. We saw a mad, pouty McNabb suddenly talking about being traded not understanding the scrutiny and even taking shots at the head coach and organization! See I dont think McNabb does well with the distractions… I’m not sure he is built for the media scrutiny… the guy doesn’t like to be criticized. He has been on the #1 block for so long that any suggestion that he is losing his game or touch supremely effects him!

Don’t the Eagles see that this move is going to do all the things that they should have learned not to do by now! Vick is going to bring the Media craziness with him… all Vick has to do is show a flash of his old self in a preseason game and a huge portion of Philly is going to be smelling blood in the water. McNabb is going to start feeling the pressure. He now will have some serious game breaking pedigree behind him on the depth chart. Not some rookie or career backup. If they bring Vick in for a special formation, what if it is amazing? Everyone is going to want more and more of it… how much would McNabb tolerate? It is just so strange to me that the Eagles do not realize the potential hazards they are bringing in… even if Donavan gave them his blessing. He also wanted T.O really bad but that honeymoon only lasted one season.

 But hey, maybe the Eagles are seeing the writing on the wall. Maybe the Eagles recognize that McNabb is on the decline? Maybe they are looking into a replacement… maybe they see Vick as the possible future?… Really? Is this guy really going to come out of federal prison and start making plays on the Professional level? He was never a great quarterback in Atlanta… he had ‘a’ great season. Well I can tell you this… from the look of things I think the other teams in the NFC can rest a little easier… Philly may have just signed the death warrant to their ’09 season. Is it worth the risk? Obviously they have not learned their lesson. 

Written by Jeremiah

NFL Dropped the Ball! August 13, 2009

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 Sure it has cool pre-game rituals… there is the customary national anthem… fly-over’s for the special games and the coin toss, but they really missed out on a great ceremonial opportunity! 
 See baseball does it right! They got the ceremonial first pitch and it has supplied the league with memorable, hilarious, historic and highly anticipated moments. It gives baseball huge opportunities for Ex-athletes, celebrities, politicians, and presidents to either strut their stuff or sheepishly slink off the field! Their manhood is totally on the line for a national audience to see. What a great concept!
 Do you realize how many high profile names the NFL has missed out on… we are talking serious PR… not only that but think of all the fan expectation, anticipation for a football ceremonial first-something. My head gets dizzy with the endless possibilities for great, historic, made for TV moments! 

 So here is what I think! Jerry Jones should be the first to put it into place! There is a new stadium, a new team and a new year! What better way to start it off than with an all new ceremonial first! We could have, instead of the ceremonial first pitch, a ceremonial 20 yard field goal kick! I mean this would be great! could you imagine for the first game of the Cowboys NFL season Obama coming to town to try to split the uprights? He would probably trot in with his Bears Jersey and try to boot the hell out of the ball from 20 yards out! That would be a true man card test! This would be monumental! We could even let Biden be the holder! This would be riveting T.V you know that the nation’s eye’s would be glued to the television… is he going to Nick Folk it down the middle, or Scott Norwood it wide right, or just runway model it right on his a@#. 
 There are so many celebrities and media types I would love see try to do they easiest part of the game! Why there are even a few local reporters and columnists writing for dallas area paper’s that I would love to see take a gander at a 20 yarder on National T.V. Or even better how about our favorite ESPN reporter… I wont say his name but his initials are Ed Warder. Indeed there are many combinations I could see really making an impact on the Pre-game show for the boys this year! I hope Jerry gets right on this! This could work. As for the NFL… well you missed the bus.

Food for Football thought August 13, 2009

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How Crazed Are You?

Well folks it is that time of year again! We are all soon to be awakened from our spring and summer sports hibernation to a new fresh and exciting football season! The story lines are endless! Will Brady regain his form, could the steelers make it 3 in a decade? Will the cardinals have the trendy post Superbowl loser meltdown season? There’s Cutler with the Bears, T.O. with the Bills. There are a few teams on the clock this season like the Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins and the Panthers. Is the Gap closing between the AFC and the NFC? The questions, story lines, possibilities are endless!

 I can almost smell the aroma of artificial turf baking in the sunlight! Its is almost like life starts over again! It’s a new season, a new opportunity, a new outlook. It is once again an opportunity to have our hopes lifted up and dashed upon the backs of men in pads, who are ‘simply going to work’ to pay the mortgage!

 Which brings me to another thought! This might be a shot in the dark but it has always interested ME and this is MY blog so I think I will just go ahead and talk about it, but does anyone else think that it is strange that our happiness and even sometimes sense of self worth is based upon an entertainment business? Look I am sure these athletes are in it to win… but at the same time they are getting a paycheck for this game at the end of the week and we are not, yet we seem in many ways to care more about the W’s than they do! We are hanging upon every thread of news that comes out of training camps, mini camps and OTA’s and all of the articles, news and predictions will eventually fall flat the minute that whistle blows for the first kickoff! It’s actually a pretty pathetic existence if you ask me! Our families already know that now we will officially be busy every Sunday for 6 months! The wife has already gotten every honeydew she could think of nailed down over the summer because she recognizes the fall is almost arrived, we have dialed up the fantasy league’s, ordered the game packages and have the drinks and dip on ice. Only to, in most cases, be disappointed after another season and feel like the whole six months was a waste and wonder why we even care and vow to never watch a football game again… in our entire life… but we will, and we are. Yes indeed it is a pretty sad existence, but to be honest I don’t even care! Yes from the outside looking in we might look like a bunch of myopic, Ten year olds hot and bothered for superman, spiderman, batman, and Miley Cyrus! But we are not outside, we are in… and it is fun in here and the football season is almost here, so get your retro jersey on, dust off the team hard hat and take the dip n salsa off ice… preseason kickoff is underway!

Hello world! August 12, 2009

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Welcome to my new blog! There is going to be music, videos, interests, articles and links come check it out!